6 Simplistic Art Ideas

If you’re ready to start adding art to your home, it can be hard to know where to begin. The world of modern art can be complex and confusing, and it can be overwhelming trying to choose your first few simple pieces.

The best way to incorporate art into your home is to start simple. Minimalist art is the perfect starting point for any interior beginner, because the pieces are clean and striking, without being too elaborate or overwhelming. Despite being simplistic in style, the art can still be vibrant, colourful and a stunning addition to your space.

Minimalist art comes in many forms, from sculpture to print. To give you some inspiration for bringing art into your home, we have selected 6 of our favourite types of simple art.

1. Colour-block art

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Looking to bring a vibrant colour palette into your home? Colour-blocking is the perfect place to start. This type of simple art involves geometric shapes, blocks and straight lines, brought to life with contrasting colours.

You can incorporate colour-block pieces into your home in the form of textiles, paint, prints or sculpture – the choices are endless. Geometric colour-block artwork tends to pop out against neutral backgrounds, bringing rich colour and warmth to a cooler space.

2. Line drawing art

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Line drawing art has had a huge resurgence in popularity – you might have spotted this genre of art popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest over the past few years. This type of simple art is beautiful, clean and matches any interior aesthetic.

Line drawing consists of a simple form drawn with one unbroken line. It’s deceptively simple to observe, but complex to create. The most common forms of line art consist of bodies, faces, hands and flowers. Although this art most commonly appears in black and white, you can also find more vibrant pieces to add some colour to your space.

3. Mirrors

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Although mirrors are highly functional, they can also double as works of art. These can work incredibly well in bathrooms or bedrooms, in place of traditional art work.

A unique show-stopping mirror can be a wonderful talking point in any home. From huge floor length mirrors to small mosaics, there are so many options to incorporate mirror art into your space. Due to their smooth surface and clean design, they make beautifully simple pieces of art.

4. Lighting

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Sometimes creating simple art for your home involves thinking outside the box. Every room needs beautiful, warm light sources to feel inviting and atmospheric – so why not use light as a form of minimalist art?

From wall fixtures to lamps, there are so many ways you can use lighting as simplistic art around your home. Artistic lighting choice can be a great talking point, and is a great way to create a unique ambience.

5. Vinyl

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Music, art and culture go hand in hand. Repurposing records and vinyl you already own is a wonderful way to create your own personal artwork.

Choose a range of records close to your heart that have iconic and colourful covers, and hang them in a formation of your choice. Hanging up your vinyl is a unique way to build a meaningful bespoke art wall that no one else will have.

6. Prints

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Saving the best until last, prints are the most versatile and effective way to incorporate simple art into your home. You can opt for different art trends, and choose prints and colours that complement each other.

The great thing about choosing art prints is how flexible they are – you can change them each season, swap them around, or place them in different positions around your home. Investing in a few prints is the perfect way to get started on your own simple art collection.

Our range of animal art prints include a variety of designs and colours – including geometric colour-blocking and minimalist line drawing style.

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