8 Cat Birthday Presents

Your cat’s first birthday is a big milestone. They’re starting to evolve from an adorable clumsy kitten into a playful, mischievous cat. The perfect cat birthday present should challenge, nourish and stretch your kitty. It should build on their growing skills and bring out their natural instincts… and most of all, it’s a wonderful way to show them your love. To help you treat your beloved furry friend on their big day, we’ve compiled some of our favourite gifts for cats. 

1. Cat Art Print - Animalist

We firmly believe that pet gifts should also feel like a little gift to yourself – after all, you’re the one putting up with all their scratching and playful nibbles!
Our beautiful, minimalist Scandi-style art prints are the perfect way to pay homage to your growing fur baby on their first birthday. You can choose from a huge selection of cat breeds, from distinctive Bengals to silky soft Ragdolls. Our bold prints are available in a number of styles and colours, so you can opt for an aesthetic that blends seamlessly with your interior space.
Our prints bring out each breed’s quirks and unique features, so you can display your cat’s personality loud and proud in your home. It’s a first birthday present with a difference that will last for years to come. 

2. Cat Collar - See Scout Sleep

If you’re ready to give your kitty a stylish new look for their birthday, we’ve got you covered. See Scout Sleep’s geometric print collar is effortlessly cool. The natural sage and cream colour palette blends perfectly with the modern striped print. Crafted from light breathable hemp webbing, this collar doesn’t just look good – it’s comfortable, durable and anti-bacterial, too.

3. Cat Tent - Pets So Good

Give your cat the gift of snoozing in luxury. Pets So Good’s Choco Tent is perfect for pet parents who love to travel. The cosy cat teepee comes in a range of sleek colours, making it a wonderful addition to any stylish home. Crafted from natural materials, the tent has a rustic wood frame and waterproof interior cushion for your kitty to play or snooze in on their big day. 

4. Wall Scratcher - Pets & Pods

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about blending our love for our four legged friends with modern art pieces. Pets & Pods’ sculptural pet scratcher is a perfect addition to any chic pet owner's home, and it’s ideal for a young cat to itch and scratch their claws. The unique 3D structure can be hung from the wall, or alternatively placed on the floor for your cat to climb over and explore. The striking piece is crafted from sisal rope, poplar ply and oak. 

5. Cat Toy Ball - Mia Cara

There’s no better cat birthday gift than a good quality, long-lasting toy. The beautiful woven Filo Balls from Mia Cara can be bought individually or as a set of three, and they encourage your kitty’s natural hunting instincts. They’re perfect for hours of low maintenance fun, and they’re sure to keep your cat busy! Made from cork and vegetable tanned leather, the balls are crafted from natural materials that aren’t harmful to your cat.

6. Food Bowl - Bendo

Tired of finding cat food pellets lovingly sprinkled all over your floor? Treat your fur baby to a brand new bowl for their first birthday. The elevated Meow Bowl helps your kitty easily reach their food – which means less mess on the floor! The sleek metallic bowl comes on a neon green stand. It’s super easy to wash, highly durable and impossible for even the most determined cheeky kitty to break. This unique bowl is sure to make dinner times even more fun.

7. Wave Cat Scratcher - Nice Digs

Dealing with threadbare carpets and scratched up chairs? The modern, fun and tactile Memphis Wave Cat Scratcher will solve all your problems. The Nice Digs cat scratcher is a scratch post with a difference, with a delightfully quirky design and playful pattern. Crafted from raw materials like corrugated paper, the scratcher has a distinctly durable design – perfect for a growing cat’s sharp claws. 

8. Kitty Carrot Toy - Modern Beast

The Kitty Carrot Toy guarantees hours of fun at your cat’s first birthday party! The fun little toy is crafted from 100% wool, so it feels extra good on your kitty’s paws. It’s the perfect size for tossing around and playing with, and it’s wonderfully easy to clean! Even better, the toy comes with a bag of organic catnip to really get the party started.
We hope our cat gift guide has given you plenty of ideas for their first birthday! For more inspiration and beautiful art prints for every cat breed, browse our collection.
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