8 Dog Decoration Ideas

We’re passionate about combining our love of dogs with our eye for modern art. For centuries, animals and artwork have gone hand in hand.

There are so many interesting and unique ways you can bring canine influences into your interior spaces. From patterned wallpapers to quirky mounted sculptures, we’ve found plenty of dog decoration ideas to get you feeling inspired. Browse our curated list of dog art pieces below – and let us know if you’ve found any more wonderful pieces dedicated to our furry friends!

1. Dog Wallpapers - Jane Clayton

Having a bold feature wall in your home can be a wonderful way to add a focal point to any room.

Opting for a colorful, patterned wallpaper is a great way to inject some fun and personality into your home. Jane Clayton has a range of wonderful dog-patterned wallpapers, perfect for any dog-lovers’ home! From the sophisticated grey Hot Dogs paper to the fun pastel-coloured Dogs in Clogs design, there are plenty of options for adding four-legged friends to your walls.

2. 3D Metal Dog Head - Ottockraft

If you’re looking for dog art that’s a little more edgy, look no further. The Ottockraft handmade metal dog sculptures are perfect for any modern monochrome home.

From French Bulldogs to Pitbulls, their handcrafted dog head sculptures are made for hanging proudly on the wall. Each piece of metal plate is sent individually ready for home assembly, so you can get crafty creating your own DIY dog head. They also have free-standing Doberman and Akita sculptures if you want something even more show-stopping.

3. Pack of Dog Prints - Four&Sons

Four&Sons combine dogs, music and culture in their print and online publications. For any music-lovers out there, the Dog Prints depict a range of quirky dogs illustrated in the style of famous pop culture icons.

From Amy Winehouse to David Bowie, illustrator Michael Gillette has reimaged different dog breeds as music legends throughout the ages. These unique prints make a perfect conversation-starter in your home, and they’re the perfect way to blend your love of dogs and music.

4. Berry Voffi Dog Candle - Pyropet

If you’re seeking something dog-related to decorate your wall shelves, this is certainly an ornament with a difference.

Its name, Voffi, translates to doggie in Icelandic - and it’s not hard to see why. This unique candle is crafted in the shape of a geometric dog.

The Pyropet candle hides a secret. When the berry wax has melted away, the sculpted metal skeleton beneath is revealed!

5. Dog Sculpture - The Quirky Home Co.

Add a pop of colour to your shelves with this eccentric dog sculpture. Formed into the shape of a balloon dog, this fun figurine is ideal for anyone who loves dogs, art and interior design.

The playful sculpture is available in a range of vibrant colours, including mustard yellow, teal, violet blue and deep orange.

6. Clay Dog Head - Olivia Brown

For something a little more traditional, Olivia Brown’s wall-mounted dog heads are the perfect addition to a dog-lovers’ home.

Each clay sculpture is meticulously crafted from photographs, so it looks exactly like your furry friend. These bespoke wall sculptures are each completely unique, and available in any colour or breed.

7. Neon Dog Sign - Neonbeach

Think outside the box with a neon light sign in the shape of your four-legged pal!

Neonbeach creates indoor light-up signs to add glowing colour to any room. Available in 9 different colour choices, you can opt for a sign that blends with your interior style. They have Shih Tzu, Dachshund and Boxer signs, along with a more generic Sleepy Dog for any other breed.

8. Dog Art Print - Animalist

If you’re looking for a beautiful art print to dedicate to your love of dogs, we’ve got you covered. Our Scandi-style prints are super sleek, stylish and minimal – the perfect addition to any modern home.

Our prints are personalised to look exactly like your own pup. With just a few quick clicks, you can create your own bespoke print in the breed and style of your choice. We also understand that good art needs to blend in with your own unique aesthetic – which is exactly why all our prints are available as either minimalist line art or colorful silhouette style.

As an extra finishing touch, you can add your dog’s name (or any other text!) at the bottom of your print.

Our dog art prints are a thoughtful, stylish way to pay tribute to your four-legged friend in your home.

Ready to create your own unique dog print? Flick through our list of breeds and see if you can spot your own pup (we have over 160 breeds available, from Afghan Hounds right through to Yorkshire Terriers!)

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