Christmas Gifts for Cats and Cat Owners 2021

Feeling festive? We’re here to make finding unique, thoughtful pet gifts a little easier for you.

If you’re on the hunt for a special gift for a cat or cat owner this Christmas, we’ve got you covered. From quirky clothing to pet-friendly candles, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite cat Christmas gifts to make your festive shopping a whole lot more simple.

1. Cat Art Print - Animalist

Whether your friend has a Scottish Fold or a Russian Blue, we have the perfect personalised art print to honour their furry friend.

Our prints can be customised to display any breed of your choice, so you can tailor it to reflect whichever cat you’d like - and we have a huge 30 breeds to choose from! You can also choose from a range of beautiful colours, from peachy Flora to deep Forest green.

Our cat art prints come in two different styles: minimalist line art or colourful geometric silhouette art. This allows you to create a truly unique gift that reflects your friend’s style, and can hang in their home for generations to come.

2. Cat Bow Tie Collar - The Basic Concept

Make sure your cat has a show-stopping outfit planned for Christmas Day!

This abstract-patterned bow tie is simple, colourful and full of character – and it’s sure to help any kitty stand out from the crowd. It also automatically unbuckles when pulled, making sure your cat is safe at all times.

3. Organic Catnip Christmas Tree Cat Toy - Noggins and Binkles

No Christmas would be complete without a little catnip treat for your four-legged companion.

Treat your cat (or your friend’s kitty!) to this cute organic cotton velvet toy tree. Its recycled vegan felt star and embroidery are pet-safe, and each toy is filled with organic catnip to get your cat in the party mood.

4. Dark Amber and Sandalwood Candle - The Pet Friendly Candle Co.

A candle is the perfect stocking filler for a friend, colleague or loved one. However, many candles are made from paraffin wax, which emits toxic fumes into their home and can be harmful to their pet’s lungs when breathed in.

This pet-friendly candle is super safe for humans and pets alike! Made from a blend of natural soy wax and fragrant essential oils, this candle comes in a range of beautiful fragrances and has a clean burn.

5. Magic Paw Balm - Wildwash

Kitties have a secret life of their own. Once they vanish out of the cat flap and explore the world, who knows what mischief they can get into! They could end up crawling through spiky bushes, over hot pavement or on freezing icy ground – so it’s important their little paws are looked after.

Give your kitty the gift of moisturised, nourished paws this Christmas with Wildwash’s Magic Paw Balm. Formulated for both cat and dog paws, this balm contains sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka to protect and repair delicate skin.

6. Torre Cat Scratching Post - Mia Cara

Looking for a show-stopping gift to treat your prized kitty? There’s nothing a cat loves more than a good tall post to really scratch that itch.

This quality scratching post stands tall and proud, and its modern minimalist design is perfect for any interior design lover. Crafted from wood, the post is available in three different colours, and it’s the perfect way to save the carpet and furniture from unwanted scratches.

7. Pink Oreo Table - Pets So Good

Even the cutest of cats can make a mess when they’re digging into their dinner! The super cute pastel pink feeder is the perfect gift for any cat lover who also wants a tidy home.

The elevated stand is fitted with a durable porcelain bowl. It’s antibacterial, and heat, scratch and slip-resistant, made with even the messiest cats in mind.

8. Pet Cave - The Basic Concept

Sometimes a busy Christmas party can feel overwhelming, and pets often love to run away and hide from the chaos in a cosy shelter.

The Basic Concept has created the perfect kitty hideaway, so you can give your fluffy friend a secret retreat in your own home.

9. Moku Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf - My Zoo

Deep down, cats still think they are wild animals roaming the jungle. Their big cat siblings love lounging around high up in the trees, so our kitties love to do the same at home.

Treat your four-legged friend to this adorable wall-mounted cat shelf to give them somewhere to perch up high! The wooden shelf is crafted in the shape of a cloud, with an unusual transparent base so you can get a unique view of their tiny paws.

10. Natural Cat Shampoo - Wildwash

The perfect gift for a cat owner or cat is their own little spa day. Wildwash’s natural pet shampoo is the best way to pamper any kitty, and leave them with a beautifully scented glossy coat.

The pet-safe shampoo includes aloe vera, evening primrose oil, sea kelp and neem oil. It doesn’t contain any parabens, harmful ingredients or palm oil – so it’s good for both pets and the planet.

11. Cat Tunnel - Pets So Good

There’s nothing pets love more than a brand new toy for Christmas. This sleek cat tunnel is sure to keep them entertained all day.

Cats love being able to hide away in a private safe space, and this unique tunnel is perfect for helping kitties feel safe and secure. It’s lightweight, durable and flexible, and super easy to clean!

Ready to get your Christmas shopping sorted for all your loved ones? Our beautiful Scandi-style prints come in different styles to suit every home. You can create your very own bespoke art print with just a few clicks – start creating your Christmas gifts now.